Arizona is my home

Arizona is my home and Prescott is my home in Arizona. Yes, that’s right, I live in Prescott, Arizona and you’re missing out on something if you’re not. Prescott has everything, entertainment, history, good community and a welcoming appeal about it. I know Prescott has a lot to offer and here is some of it.

Prescott is full of entertainment. We have the Elks Opera House, which holds the Elks Jubilee and Country Nites. I saw it myself, and boy was it fabulous, it was great for all ages and I mean, all ages. The Prescott Fine Arts Theater is also a wonderful source of history. The building itself used to be the old Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Prescott Fine Arts Theater has held shows such as The Russian Ballet’s “Sleeping Beauty.” However, those are just some of my favorites. Prescott also has movies, music, and even parks, but that’s not all it has, because every city has its history.

Prescott started out as a mining town because of the discovery of gold. After Arizona became a territory, Prescott was named the capital until 1889.The town received its name from an author named William Hickling Prescott. He was a famous author during the time of the Civil War, whose writings were very popular. Prescott’s history is preserved in the Sharlot Hall Museum and the famous Whiskey Row. Whiskey Row is a famous street downtown where it holds Arizona’s oldest restaurant and bar, the Palace. During Prescott’s history, many fires occurred and destroyed the downtown area. Downtown was then reconstructed and made with bricks. Enough about Prescott’s history, it wouldn’t be the city it is today without its community.

Prescott’s community welcomes everyone. People here are very friendly and polite. There are several programs that people can be apart of. It helps you meet people in your neighborhood, who share the same interests, or just trying to find a place to go on Monday or Tuesday. Prescott’s community wants you to feel invited and welcomed. Prescott seems to have everything to offer including a room with a view.

Prescott is constantly growing but it is still able to keep its natural beauty. As you can see, Prescott has so much to offer and you should come and see for yourself.

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