Tucson, Arizona is my home

Tucson, Arizona is my home. I was born in Tucson, and at the age of 16 my father, who was also born and raised in Arizona, passed away from drug addiction. My mother moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico shortly afterwards and although she allowed me to finish my sophomore year’s second semester, by living with my best friend and her mother, who were kind enough to share their home and life with me, I was to move to Santa Fe in December of my 16th year.

     Santa Fe, unknown to my mother at the time of having me move there, offered no schools that were not troubled with gangs and lower education standards than that which we have in Arizona. I loved my high school, Mountain View High School in Tucson, Arizona. I was heavily involved in both drama and musical choir, an honor student, and because of my painful past involving the loss of my father to drugs, I had surrounded myself with friends who chose, like myself, a life free of addictions or drug and alcohol experimentation. Santa Fe offered schools filled with drug issues and after attempting one semester, where I ended up at a self-paced school providing no social or drama opportunities, my mother allowed me to return to my home in Tucson to finish high school, and therefore allow me the opportunity for in-state tuition at Arizona State University.

     Tucson, Arizona is my home. I miss my mother and my older brother daily, but the connection I feel to Arizona is one I could not leave behind. I feel closer to my father here as well, knowing he was born and raised here. I visit Santa Fe, New Mexico during breaks from school, but always feel I am back ‘home’ when I return to Tucson. I know my mother and brother miss me, but my mother said that me returning to Tucson was not about her, it was about me. I thank her for that.

     I am applying for this scholarship because the social security that I received from my father’s passing during high school ends the month I graduate. I am determined to go to college at Arizona State University and major in Performing Arts and Music. I have my father’s voice, and am determined to do with my voice what he could not with his own.

     Tucson, Arizona is my home, thanks to my mother providing me the opportunity to live here, the Zillman’s for allowing me to live with them, and my determination. And Tempe, Arizona will be my new home for my college years.

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