I was born in Mesa

I have lived in Arizona all my life. I was born in Mesa, Arizona about eighteen years ago and then moved to Show Low, Arizona as a small child. My hometown would technically be Phoenix but the place I call home is Show Low, Arizona. I grew up in Show Low, which is a small, remote town. I lived here for about thirteen great years. Every time I think of my home and hometown, I get an image of the mountains covered in fresh snow and the huge pine trees swaying in the wind. I remember as a kid, putting my snow boots and cap on to walk to school with my sister. All these memories make me remember how great it was to live in such a small but friendly town.

The experience of just living in a small town was such a great pleasure. In most towns, it’s dangerous to just cross the streets without an adult. In Show Low, everyone knows everyone and trusts them. Everywhere you look, kids roam the streets on bikes, playing, having a great time. There are also tons of fun activities to do. It’s fun to just get friends together and camp under the bright star-filled sky. There are many trails to hike, mountain bike, or quad on for entertainment. No, there is no mall to hang out at, and the closest mall is probably about three hours away. No, there are no theme parks or adventure rides, however I still love this town with all my heart. This could be why everyone from here is so close and no one ever wants to leave this town.

Arizona is the state of heat; therefore, it’s hard for some people to believe there are towns with cooler climates. Some people find it hard to believe that Arizona even has mountains. When visitors come and visit our town or drive through it, many fall in love with it also. I think it’s the perfect place to raise a loving family because you know you have a community behind you and helping. The weather is perfect. Half the year it’s snowy and beautiful, the other half it’s not extremely hot but it is just warm enough. The people here are great and there are tons of fun adventures, and hands on activities to do. You can camp, ski, hike, hunt, and quad, which are activities, that big towns do not offer. Those are just the outdoor activities; Show Low really is the perfect place to get away from the hectic world and to enjoy the good, simple things in life. I do not live in Show Low any more. My family had to move about five years ago however, I still visit Show Low and the people every chance I get. I still consider this place my home and cannot wait to one day go back and raise my own family there. Show Low is to me, my hometown and will always have a place in my heart.

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